No More Dirt Holes

Hello guys and gals!

I finally decided to make my first ever mod! Its a simple mixinto that gets rid of the clay pits, “dirt holes”, whatever you want to call them in world generation of the Darkmoor Forest! I always thought they looked just a touch unsightly…


I appreciate all the support you all have shown me over my various projects (some of which are still in the works.... I go through spurts.


Big thanks to BrunoSupremo! Without their help, I most likely would have never found the bit that controls the little buggers in the first place!

Here's the mod!

[No_More_Dirt_Holes.smod|attachment](upload://msSdJVbXUEojUytbKH50VlUcgY2.smod) (891.7 KB)

It's also on the Steam Workshop!

Have Fun!


great change!

:slight_smile: Esto si me gusta