Natural Erosion (or however you spell it)

This can and will break your game if used so an option will be added so you can turn it on before you start a game.

this concept is simple in speak but will be hard to code so don’t expect it for some time ;p

the idea is that over time lakes slowly corrode into rivers and water-falls and under ground rivers. a new “soil” block is added called “sand” and is normally found near rivers and lakes. the block type is taken into effect when corroding:
Stone - Dirt
Dirt - Sand
Sand - Air/Water

Soil/Dirt near trees are classified as “rooty” and is harder to corrode.
When Corroding it takes in all directions (x,y,z) so when going into a cliff it creates a tunnel.
Corrosion of ONE block takes a LONG time but with allot happening at one time, it is fast. buildings have foundations and can survive erosion.

(anything I forgot?)


Perhaps, to stay realistic, without enough plants in the area via overgrazing, over farming, etc, desert could begin to spread! And perhaps, Using the geomancer too much could have an effect similar to erosion on the nearby area!

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kinda like terraria, where corruption, crimson, or hallow would spread. It can be stopped by changed the blocks to which it spreads or just changing the biome completely.