[NaB] What gravity!? Well!?


gravity doesnt work hanging next to wall

@flashand, I do not believe this is a bug (for the moment at least). Gravity has not been fully implemented by TR, so objects can appear to “float” in certain situations. Going to page @8BitCrab, @Relyss, @SteveAdamo to confirm.

well… i’m pretty sure that all inanimate objects have gravity, its just hearthlings and living things that dont…

i guess i’ll just wait for the other two to give their opinion on the matter.

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Ouch… My “Master” rank in Stonehearth Knowledge must not be good enough… :wink:

It’s probably a mixture of bug/unimpliment feature. I know gravity was touched upon but I believe
hasn’t been fully implemented yet.


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okay, i’ll tag it as [NaB] for now

Unless it changed, it’s a parameter of the Mob component. However, it’s not “real” gravity, it’s just linearly moving things down if they are poked. Sometimes, objects can float until something pokes them, I’ve had that experience with the cargo on trains. Not sure what is responsible for the poking, however.