[NaB] Saving new building

While Setting up a new building i just wanna save the example file how the house was build to replace it somewhere else…
now my Problem is, that the only differences i can see… are their names… there´re no screens or previews of these buildings. (all in the main building menu).



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Go and place your building in game; (You will see, I don’t have a pics too)

Build your building and take a screenshot;

Enter this file;

And copy your building’s photo and paste here.

And find your saved building template. Mine name is “test”;

Open test.json (Your’s maybe different) (Press Enter*)

Copy this code and paste there;

		"preview_image": "/r/saved_objects/stonehearth/building_templates/test.png",

Like this;

Last. Open the Stonehearth and enjoy! Hope I helped to you.!


hey there @maDDin546 im not certain this actually a bug, @SteveAdamo whats your thoughts on this?

@kekikcilerakin thank you for this very helpful tutorial! perhaps you could make a separate thread with this tutorial for future reference?

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Sure, thanks :smile:


i would say NaB, just a current limitation of the building tools…

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should it be closed? or left open for discussion?

let’s just leave it open for now… if nothing else, we have a lovely new guide as a result… :+1:

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well if @kekikcilerakin follows my “advice” they could make a separate tutorial thread… :wink:

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What is “NaB” ? :sunny:

it stands for “Not a Bug” we tag them that when it wasnt a bug, just a mistake or misunderstanding.