[NaB] [d2620 (x64)] What Is Wheat

So…I made two piles, one for food, and one for everything else, and I’ve got wheat being placed in both. So…is this just a glitch in sorting, or what?

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unless I’ve misunderstood (entirely possible!), one pile is able to hold food, which allows for wheat… while the other allows for everything, which wheat is also a member of… :wink:

The second pile is for everything EXCEPT food.

And yet you can see that wheat is going to that pile more.

wheat is both food and raw ingredient if i’m not mistaken… it fits more into the raw ingredient part so the food tag should probably be taken off…

edit: also, this isnt a bug, just a mish-mash of many different tags, which TR is fully aware of, so i’m going to tag this as [NaB]

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wheat goes under the same category as plants and raw food *

not food



OMG those are stokpiles! :open_mouth:

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