A small filter bug

ive noticed that bales of wheat seem to fall under both ‘plants’ and ‘raw ingredients’

im trying to sort all my raw food in to one area but my wheat is getting placed in with my silkweed, bolts and furs ( tailoring pile)

EDIT: pokes the @8BitCrab hoping he/she would know who to pester about this

Hey @Fralee, @8BitCrab is a he…

@yshan does stuff with food…so she would be my first guess. We’ll see where she directs us in the morning.

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oh sorry 8bit was not sure :sweat_smile:

thanks jomax=] was not sure who deals with what fully yet. is there a part of the forums that shows all the people form radiant and what they deal with?>
((and thank heavens for spellcheck tonight, I cant seem to spell properly tonight >.< ))

i’ve seen this reported before, many times before… its due to having multiple resource tags on the wheat bale, and as far as i know TR is aware of this.

also, now worry’s about not knowing my gender, i often have the same problem here on the discourse :wink:


Unfortunately not…you kind of figure it out as things go along!

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although it doesnt show what each member does for the team, if you got to the “about” page, all of the listed admins (except for cannonjunior) are members of TR.


epic! as least I know the team =].

ah, didnt manage to find anything else topic wise. it makes sense that it would have both tags since it is both. to me it would make more science to put it in the food category only, but that’s just me :sunglasses:

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no actually :stuck_out_tongue: , almost everyone wanted it to be food, as you don’t actually use it for anything other then food items, and it clutters up your weavers workshop.

well it would be neat to use as a decoration. say 2 bails of wheat to make a 2X3 ‘hay bail’ :no_mouth:


found some others regarding too many filter tags
bread, vegitable soup and meat stew they fall under both ‘cooked food’ and 'food containers ’

I would think the ‘food container’ tag should not be on the cooked ones