Mysterious bunny statue

we all found them deep in the forest wondering what thy are bunny statues filled with Moss some of us mined them jest o find boring old stone… well that’s what i want to change. my suggestion is that every statue will ether contain a zombie (or some other evil creator) or a treasure chest like the ones that the giant zombies guard (or some other prize) giving the statues meaning
thanks for reading

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I don’t think the bunny statues are being ignored. I personally have no idea what team radiant wants to do with them, but I sort of like the lack of mechanical purpose for th right now. On a purely gameplay level, they’re just glorified rocks, but it’s fun to see what stories you can make out of them. I like building a temple/shrine to each one I find. Plus there’s the cultist trait… in any case, I’m with you that there could be more done, but I think a zombie or monster spawn is honestly, a bit bland.


A wild automaton has appeared!
…Just kidding :grin: .

It is actually a mod of @Kittyodoom :slight_smile:.


mods are hard to install (at least for me) and dont seem worth the effort most of the time