My workers are stuck outside a wall

My gaurds got destroyed by a big bug creature and a giant skeleton with a side of goblin army. I wanted to go build a wall to protect me from them, but they got stuck, and I just wanna remove the wall now. How do I do this? And can the developers of the game please have a solution to this for future purposes.

i guess you could build a ladder?

Normally you can select the building in building mode and then “pause building” -> REMOVE. When you hit “Build now” again, the building should be dismantled. Or as mentioned above - build a ladder! (One on each side of course…)

Thanks for all the replies, I fixed it. Im just trying to fix the crashing error. Its crashing now, sayting its not responding, but I wont leave the game till it comes back up, I did so much and I dont think auto save, saved too recently >.<