My thoghts about building

I’ve been playing this game for about a 100 hours and I still can’t get used to the build system, witch is realy sad given how much potencial this games has in terms of city building. We can already see incredibe projects made by the comunity like huge towns and full on recreations of real cities, but imagine how many impresive builds would be created if the building system wasn’t so buggy and counter intuitive? Things like the imposibility of deleting walls and roofs after placed and the shire lack of decorations and furniture to fill in gaps in large buildings make building in this game not nearly as fun and intuitive as it could be.
I’m realy looking foward pacches and fixes in the system and I hope the developers stop focusing so much in things like hearthlings thoghts and personalities and improve more important parts of the game.

then clearly you havent heard of the major building overhaul happening early next year… building is being completely revamped from the ground up… with the ability to modify already placed buildings and more.

The building update will be released with alpha24, within the first quarter of 2018 - so really very soon, we all hope.

I would guess that the stable version of alpha23 might be released within a few weeks.