My old mountain fort

Hi guys,

I just went through my screenshots and noticed a few nice shots of a village, which I intended to show off, but never got around to do it. It’s somewhere from Alpha 10 (fresh new water!), so I figure, showing you the pictures now makes them a little outdated, showing them later makes them very outdated, and not showing them at all makes them useless… So here we go! :smiley:

Obviously the goal of this village was to play around with water, so I found a nearby pond and immediately started digging to it (please note the effort to actually mine through mountain to get there!):

After cutting out the final block, the water beautifully runs through my canals and fills the prepared trench.

A higher overview shows you the full extend of my waterworks.

To achieve this water level, there are a few underground “rooms” to take the majority of the water volume.

This view not only shows of the safety of my double gate, but also gives you a view of the actual town.

A shot from the walls behind the village, focused on the central plaza.

Here you can see a little of the outskirts: the path to the village and the “valley farms”.

A nice close-up of said farms and ranches.

The main road is well-lit for safety during the night…

As the wealth of this safe location increased steadily, the idea for larger storage areas was born:

Here is a great view at the finished underground storage facilities.

The X-Ray view is great to measure your total “environmental impact”, or show off everything your hearthlings have achieved. :smiley:


yuck… your place looks like a dump ;D

i mean all the nice pretty grass is on the outside and then you walk inside and it looks like an evil villian’s evil lair where there is no grass only death… which is kinda cool in a way lol. Even have a red central plaza with a fire pit in the middle…

I don’t know if they can spawn inside caves but if they do, careful :grinning:

I have to admit, my intentions were not far from that… Defensibility was a major aspect of this place. :smiley:

They could, they still can, and they did spawn in the mines for this place, too… Though the mines were even a little further out, so nothing my military couldn’t handle. :wink:

As long as there’s not crypt inside, you should be safe :grin: