My Northern Clan


Here i will share the evolution of my NA clan through pictures and small comments.
There is a personal goal here, for now i never continuously played any sabegame… I allways launched a new game for testing and map modding but now i feel like i found my sweet spot with mods and a map gen.
But i still feel there is somthing id need to stay on a save so i decided to share its evolution that may help me and maybe give some creative ideas;

First i settled on a hill with no moutain level on it, so in summer the ground is dirt colored (also edited some biome palettes to the arctic to make it more brounish). I did not build any houses before reeching a sweet sport in production and population i then build a cave to shelter my first Northerns with beds and storage, then extended the cave and added rooms for both basic jobs (Mason, Cook)

The point where i start sharing the progress i also started to build my first external building, the cooks house where i will stock most of cooking ingridients.

At this stage i also advanced in the geomancers quest where i got two lanterns as gift for the sweet vegies i gave them. And started the township Quest for the Font of summer (i dont know if its possible but even if i picked one id still like to build all of them for decoration perpose .


After the snow storm had vanished

I love how the autumn color match the roof of the cook house, here you can see the garden and the way it uses the terrains natural shape.

I Started my game using the loadout giving me 2 bows and one cooks spoon, my two archers Eira and Bjoyyrn (hunters) wont get any ipgrade for now being very skilled and followed by Troels Hansen the outposts Cleric (Kaimonkey’s Traits)

i have finaly unlocked the carpenter wich i now have to make more bows because the goblins threat is getting real, the first camp had been sighted on the other river side they didnt make it across luckily and the second now has made its way on top of the moutain i was planning to use as a mine because of its ore veins. I will have to build up some troops to pick them down from there.


Winter has come, now that the northslings have built the cooks house and a dining hall, the new carpenter needs a work place. I dicided to build the workshop outside the agtes for a better access to the woods and its resources.