My key has already been claimed

I tried to redeem my key (I saw a posting on the steam page that it had been released to all). I did try to resend the link and that is where I saw the message “This key page has been claimed by another user.” Not sure if this is the proper location to post it just hoping this is the right spot I can provide the link and my email if needed.

hey there @LlamaNinja, welcome to the discourse :smile:

i’ll page @sdee (one of the devs) for you, just to make sure that they dont miss this post :slight_smile:

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Thanks I use to make a comment or two about the game in the steam discussion and looked up the progress this week. Felt like I missed out for a bit.

Going to throw @brad’s name on there as well…now to see who wins the race :wink:!


@LlamaNinja – we can get this fixed for you. Check your PMs here on Discourse.

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I did see your message and I sent you a response just now.

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