My game doesnt like me


Whenever I open the game from steam, it takes 10+ minutes to even load in. I don’t have too many save files or mods, to slow the game.
If it starts and it does not crash while I wait for it to load, It continues into the main menu, where it either (you guessed it :smiley: crashes) or lets me play.

If I get into the game, many times It randomly crashes after half an hour of playing.
There is no log, there is nothing.
I don’t have a single clue what could cause this, but I hope it’s a known issue that will be fixed.
PS: reinstalling doesn’t really do anything, neither unsubbing to the mods.

Have you tried with ACE only?
Have you tried pressing F5 while only the music is on?

I tired it with f5, i will try only ace maybe it helps :smiley:

When you re install did you remove any leftover files

I think i did, but Im going to do it again and see if it works, Thank you :smiley: