Multiplayer - what to click on to join LAN game?

Hi, I’ve seen all the posts about editing the user_settings.json files (seems a really painful way to have to do it), anyhow, once this is done, on my ‘host’ machine, I have a game running, WHAT does the 2nd player click on to join ?
If they click New Multiplayer Game, then they JUST get the option to start a new game, NOT to join an existing one ?
How is this supposed to work, none of the posts addresses this, or am I missing something obvious ?

I’m pretty sure the posts do address this: the client also needs to modify their user_settings.json to include the connection info, and when they launch the game they’ll automatically (try to) connect.

I’ve made the client changes too. Surely there is a button/option to look for/join a game, it can’t just be automatic, what if they wanted to do single player ?

If they want to do single-player, then they don’t put that instruction in their user_settings.json to connect to a specific server.

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if your both playing through steam you just bring up your steam overlay and right click friend to join your friend ect

Thanks, but we’re clearly not playing though Steam, else would have done this without having to hack into the config files, which is absurd.

But why not playing through steam everyone who bought the game should have a steam key to activate and on Lan you can connect the sameway through steam?

Highly recommend to use Steam for Multiplayer and Mods

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