Move it not get a new one


Steps to reproduce:

  1. place a bed
  2. make them move it
  3. profit

Expected Results:
they move the bed as instructed
Actual Results:


Version Number and Mods in use:
alpha 20 no mods
System Information:


Looks like this might have come back from the dead: Container Inception Bug

@dutchuss2016 I know you stated A20, but what is the build revision #? (a20r699, for example)

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I also hit that bug last night in a new game. I’m using a20r699. It happened multiple times, with tables and chairs and beds.

Oh, and when there wasn’t another item waiting in inventory, the game waited until I recalled the original item and then a hearthling placed it.

However, with a fence that I’d done wrong, this worked correctly. I was able to move the pieces out and then back in the right order without them moving to inventory and back. And it didn’t pull new pieces out either.

I have also had this bug and it only seems to happen to buildings that are unfinished. As long as the building is finished it shouldn’t effect anything.

@Omegasa Sorry, but this was happening in a completed building as well as one that was waiting for the last couple of windows. It actually made the finished building change and say that it wasn’t completed and needed the item to be complete - when that item wasn’t in the plans anyway. I don’t usually do buildings with furniture included. It seems to work cleaner that way.

I understand, the only time i’ve experienced the bug has been where a building was waiting on something to be completed.

can confirm, its happening again! :fearful:

and its still annoying :glum:

yea its back from the grave i was able to reproduce in multipule saves

@Relyss Heads up. FYI. and other things to get me past the 20-character minimum limit.

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