"Mountain" is too difficult!

The trouble for me for mountain this time around was that they spawned right behind my forces - 7 at the time total - right as they were about to attack a crypt… Smashed my archer and cleric and the rest was just slumped shoulders and disappointment.

I checked the game’s files; and it seems that there’s:

  • 1 * Ogo
  • 1 * Mountain ogre
  • 3 * Marauders
  • 4 * Wolves
  • 15 * guards

That’s a total of 24 assorted attackers.

For each of these groups there’s a "tuning: ", “stonehearth:monster_tuning:goblin:something” line; so I thought maybe that reduces the army under some conditions. It doesn’t - it just contains the stats (health, courage, etc) for them.

I don’t know if there’s anything else that effects the army size (if there is, I couldn’t find it); or if other people (and me) were using an older version of the game when they did the quest (and the army size has been increased since Alpha 16 or something).

Hmm…that’s intersting, i do think i herd somewhere that the enemy power increases as the town’s worth goes up

on my first Hard mode run i had a gold mine near, and i mined it and it led to my town’s distruction withinf 4 days as the emenies were way to strong for any of my soldiers to deal with, and those were ents and small stone golmes (with an occassional kobolt, which was sertain death)

i don’t know if this also applies to Ogo an his troops, but if it does, that would mean that you need to take more care of the towns growth, so it’s not overersped

i guess this doesn’t make sense in a real world scinario, but it alos does because bigger badies will come for bigger booty(leave the scarps for the little guys?)

i personally wouldn’t consider this a bug or a system or logic fail

having that much worth within so little time is like having a truck load of gold in a weakly defended village, an obviouse target of attacks

surely something that has to be addresed or at-least explained to the player in some way

Why don’t you just use the bell chimes?

Because the only effective way to train your military is to get XP from killing every enemy that spawns. Avoiding conflict means you end up with a weak/untrained military for later.

Note: This is what a properly trained soldier looks like: :sunglasses:

You do know that they don’t get to use the skills they learn at different jobs, right?

Are you trying to maximize the hp gains from levelups? That seems unecessary since a cleric can easily keep 2 knights (6 body), 4 footmen (3-5 body), and 3 archers (2-3 body) fully healed in the thick of combat without the extra hp buffer.

It’s for the HP gains; and I do the same for all hearthlings (not just those fortunate enough to have a cleric by their side).

Whether or not a cleric can keep you healed depends on how much damage you’re taking. A single cleric can’t keep up with the damage that footman, archer or (even worse) civilian might take from a “end game” party of high level archers; partly because they don’t have the defence buffs knights get.

Don’t forget that you only need to train people like this once; and they stay “extra resilient” forever after that.

Also don’t forget that there’s a population cap. “Extra resilient” military means you can get away with a smaller military, which means you can have more civilians producing wealth.