"Modpacks": A suggestion for mod organization and compatibility

Basically: Stonehearth should be able to read mods inside subfolders.

This would help a lot as you install more mods. The base game .smods could be in their own folder, so you don’t accidentally delete them when getting rid of outdated mods. Mods you use together could be packaged together - compatibility patches like Better Stockpiles has wouldn’t clutter your main folder. But this could be even more powerful with some extra features:

These folders could show as collapsing/expanding categories in the settings menu mod manager, allowing you to disable or enable an entire set of mods at once - useful if you’re doing two playthroughs with different sets of mods at the same time, for example.

I don’t know if it’s possible with the current API, but it could be useful make a mod that just makes tweaks to another mod, which means you don’t have to copy that other mod. Here’s where the suggestion gets more like Minecraft’s modpacks - you could make mods that just tie other mods’ gameplay together better. You could simply link to all the other mod downloads, give directions to optionally drop them in the same folder, and as far as I can tell you’re in line with the One Rule. But if you package them together for an easier download, then you’ll have to ask permission. Perhaps the One Rule needs a few changes if this becomes common - having to ask permission is fine IMO, but I think for this sort of thing giving credit should be required.


I Agree. I don’t think it’s too difficult to make the game scan the folders inside the data folder instead of only the data folder, and that “collapsing/expanding categories” you said is really interesting…

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