Modifying the game

As being told on we are able to mod most parts of the game.

Mod-Friendly. Sharing is Caring

We think mods are awesome, especially for sandbox-type games. So we’re building everything: UI, unit AI, scripted scenarios (everything!) with modding in mind. Here are just some of the things you should be able to do in a mod:

Reskin the UI or add new UI screens
Add new units, monsters, weapons, armor, and other objects
Add new scripted adventures, big and small
Tweak or totally rewrite the AI for monsters or units
Make the sun rise in the west and set in the east (seriously!)
Mod APIs

As a modder, you will have access to the same APIs we’re using to write the game. We are literally writing the game as a collection of first-party mods. So, with very few exceptions, if the game does it, you can mod it!

So I am wondering, do you need programming knowledge to modify the game using the API ? If yes, what languages are being used and can be used to modify ?

welcome aboard @SniperOmicron!

take a look here… have fun!

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