Modding population growth?

I’ve been commenting in a Reddit thread found here:

and part of the focus is changing how often Stonehearth checks to see if you meet the requirements for another Hearthling. The OP included the changes needed to check every hour, but it doesn’t seem to work with the latest version released this evening. Either that or I’m doing it wrong. Help? I’d just like to be able to increase my number of hearthlings faster.

This changed in A15 unstable.
There was a new encounter added on top of that encounter that is called “wait_for_8_am_encounter.json” which waits until 7:59am and then starts triggering the daily reports.

you can either make this encounter happen immediately by using debugtools and triggering the edge using the "campaign browser"
Or you can change \mods\stonehearth\data\gm\campaigns\game_events\arcs\trigger\game_events\encounters\wait_for_8_am_encounter.json

To be at 8:01 instead of 7:59 so that on a new game, it will trigger immediately
"wait_for_time_of_day_info": {
“time”: “8:01”


Hi. I am the authorof that reddit post. The mod still works.
As one might see here I have made 2 changes. Delay 1 hour. and add out_edge": "generate_daily_report. This out edge produces the exit function for WAIT_TILL_8_o_clock. So I have generate daily report encounter each 1 hour no matter the time.

“type” : “encounter”,
“encounter_type” : “generator”,

“in_edge” : “generate_daily_report”,
“out_edge”: “generate_daily_report”,
“generator_info” : {
“delay” : “1h”,
“spawn_edge” : “daily_report”