Modding Page : recomendations and mod ideas

In this thread recommend any mods that you think are good, give tips for how to use mods, solve mod errors and prevent mod caused crashes and type in your ideas of mods you would like to see.

i dont really use too many mods at the moment, but if you havent tried out frostfeast i would recommend it

Hey @SpagBolChomper, welcome to the Discourse! Moved your post over here, so we don’t fill up the modding rules thread with more general discussion. Personally, I use the following mods:

  • @Froggy’s Stonehearth Cafe (mostly updated for Alpha 13)

  • @Kurohito’s Brewery Mod (not yet updated for Alpha 13)


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Also a small but growing list over at


how about we get a US army mod that comes with guns and uniform

the name is realistic