Modding Category Organization

We’ve added 2 new sub-categories to modding to try and make it a little easier to distinguish working mods from outdated mods from modding discussion. Topics should now be organized as follows:

#modding:current-mods - This category will contain current, usable mods that work in the latest releases (stable or latest).
#modding:outdated-mods - This category will contain previously usable mods, that don’t work in the latest releases.
#modding - This category will contain everything else, generally mod support, mod discussion, work in progress mods, etc.

I’ve done some initial organization of mods into the 2 new categories.

If you are a mod developer, please check that your mods have been moved to the correct category. If they haven’t we’d appreciate it if you’d recategorize them for us.

If you are a mod user, and find a mod in the wrong category (or not moved to a new category), please flag the topic using the “Something else” flag and explain to the moderator team where the topic belongs.

Questions, comments, concerns? Discuss below!