MOD - Wild Settlers 🐺 [DORMANT]


I’m really excited to try this out! :smile_cat: Been patiently waiting. The blue uniforms look amazing! :smiley_cat:


Thanks, Hope you like whats there so far! Any suggestions just give us a hit. :smile_cat:


Wait, that is the whole game. Do you want help to make the mod have only the changed files?


If your happy to hit Quinn @Giraffiki up some time later i’m sure he’ll want a hand with that?
He had to Rush back to work unexpectedly.


I’ve looked for this kind of mod for what seemed like ages and to finally see someone is making what i think is the first proper furry mod! I love you guys for this! :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:

For a suggestion though I want to see more types of these wildlings like Cats :cat2: and maybe even Dragons? :dragon:
also when it’s here could you make a version where we could play with the new rabbit race?
@Zotia @Giraffiki


Thanks @Kami, we’re all ready working on one of your suggestions :grin: [quote=β€œGiraffiki, post:22, topic:29275”]
There have been a few new projects started about making the mod feel more natural within the game but these will be shown over time. this includes a new type of Wildling. :tiger2:

but your dragon idea could be great, how ever it might take some time before we even get that on the todo’ list yet but anyway thanks for your feedback @Kami.



I will stay tuned until your next update! :smile_cat:


I will support this mod dearly, but maybe for fun, do Bears for the next reskin, or do Lizards for the Raaya’s Children, make them feel at home with their biome. I love this idea.


We’re trying yo get back on track after attending to other matters but we hope to put the next update out hopefuly next week.



contrary to what I said on the 2nd of April, we want to really continue on this mod but because of issues on our side
we did not meet deadlines we had set for ourself and are hoping to launch a new update to the mod fixing a lot if voxel issues with hair Ect.

We are however looking to get back into work of the mod and variations of it since it would be a waste not to finish it because of the efforts of @Kittyodoom @BrunoSupremo made this mod begin to function in the first place. BTW Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

As before, any suggestions or bugs about the Dev version of the mod is greatly appreciated by us.



Just wanted to say that I missed this last March, but it’s quite beautiful. :slight_smile: Hope you guys get to keep going! :smiley:



Two Announcements Later and we still have not delivered on an update for you guys and for the few people that have messaged us to ask for the next update, sorry that we could not give you a straight answer as to why we have not met our own deadlines.

Problems with Work lead to me almost forgetting about the mod in a whole but after some pushing from my girlfriend I have decided to continue work on the mod to at least make it look nice and neat for now and later make bigger advances in the Mod such as it having a separate Kingdom instead of modding the Ancestry Hearthlings.
and for @Domino

We have started your Idea of the Bears And are debating if we should do Hunter cats or lizards for Raaya’s children. :tiger:

And also again thanks for the support: @sdee @Domino @Kittyodoom @BrunoSupremo @Kami (Sorry If your Not on here and for Tag spamming :smiley_cat:)

And as always, any suggestions or bugs about the Dev version of the mod is greatly appreciated by us.

Quinnsmall @Giraffiki


Don’t worry. This is a big project after all.
I’m glad you are still going.

Now that there is also a goblin kingdom being worked on, I can only imagine how fun it would be in a future where we are all playing in a multiplayer map, each with a different kingdom, goblins, wild settlers, hopefully the bastioneers too, all along the hearthlings.


Going Underground - Dormant

Dew to being on long 6 month posts abroad with work, I’ve decided to leave this mod dormant for now.

In hindsight the mod has had few additions and work done to it and most of the work is by other people which i thank greatly for believing in this mod; @sdee, @Kittyodoom, @BrunoSupremo, and other people that believed in this mod! Thanks! :vulcan_salute:

I hope to come back to this mod in the future but until then this mod will remain dormant.

image @Giraffiki


I love them