[MOD] The Pond Mod!


The Pond Mod:

###Download Link:
pond_mod.smod - Google Drive
Newest version

##Update News

I’ve added new items!


  1. Raised pond corner
  2. Raised pond edge


  1. Golden bridge
  2. ???
    Some people will be extra pleased with this one… :wink:

I’ve re-scaled the bridge and centered it to a 2x4 grid, for easy pond-crossing.
The only other big change is that I removed all collision boxes from the old pond pieces, allowing the water under the bridge to be customised. Unfortunately, this also means many wet boots as the hearthlings are too lazy to use the bridge!

There is currently one bug I know of, related to ??? being placed in a stockpile… It’s completely ignorable but if anybody knows how to get rid of it, please let me know!

I’d also greatly appreciate it if somebody could standardise the models’ colour palette for me! StoneVox unfortunately can’t let you save palettes yet!

Summary: This mod adds a new crafting category for the mason, letting him build water-tight, stone-lined ponds.

Items added:

  1. Corner pond piece
  2. Corner pond piece (inside corner)
  3. Edge pond piece
  4. Middle pond piece
  5. Middle pond piece (with budding lillies)
  6. Middle pond piece (with lillies)
  7. Middle pond piece (with lilly & flower)
  8. Small Bridge

Unfortunately, I am not a programmer so I had to divide it into individual pieces. I know it’s not as nice as you would probably like it to be… :frowning: This could possibly be hacked to be painted in as a road with edge and corner pieces placed automatically, but its out of my range of abilities.

Special Thanks to @honestabelink for his tutorials and StoneVox 3D.

I was going to work on this more but I’m running short on free time, so feel free to make progress on it!
I’d also like to dedicate this to @Relyss. I feel like it’d make a good addition to her fountain:

Issues with this mod:

Well for starters,

Derek: “What is this?!? A bridge for ANTS?!?”

It looked a lot bigger in the editor, I swear! I think all of the pieces might look better if they were doubled in size.
The bridge is also not walkable. I don’t know the minimum dimensions hearthlings need to be able to pass through an area, but it is only 1 block in width.

There is also an issue with placement. I seem to have gotten the piece alignment figured out but there is an occasional problem placing pieces in places where they’d be ‘surrounded’. My tip is to build your ponds from the inside outwards. [Still there… but better!]



this is working on the alpha 8? and, for the size, each voxel should be scaled from 5x to 10x but don’t think that size wold be good.


nice work :smile: will test it out soon

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@phector2004 Great Work :+1: :slight_smile:

The individual pieces allow us to customize our ponds, look at it like a feature :wink: .

Inside you ghost.json

"render_info": {
    "scale": 0.1

Just play around with the value till you get something that looks right.

Trees in the game use this technique, they are actually very small but scale up to be very large.

I am not sure if you can specify multiple colliders per an entity, if so… then it should be achivable to get the colliders in the right position to make it so they can walk across.

If multiple colliders is not a thing, perhaps there are some other tricks you could pull off. I’ll take a look around, see what I can find out sometime tomorrow :wink: .

Again great work… :slight_smile:


Nice, can’t wait until you resolve the few problems you are having.

Any of you mod wizards have any solutions for @phector2004 ?


its… its just so… beautiful! :heart_eyes:

well done my friend… well done indeed!


Ah, I hope official water - when it comes out - is this cute. I like the way it’s textured, it really captures the Stonehearth design philosophy of showing details through color instead of large amounts of voxels.

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Keep it cute -Tom 2015

I like the idea of this mod, I can’t wait to see more. You should make a fish statue which squirts out water.


I would personally prefer something like google drive… google offers I think 15 gb at no cost.

There are only few file hosting sites I trust, none of them are perfect, but google’s services I would consider more mainstream.


Try taking a look at the firepit. I believe it has more than one collision box.


Yes, it has 4 regions. Press F11 while in game to see them (I think you need to enable debug keys for that).

Yay! Someone dedicated a mod to me! Thanks :heart_eyes:
It gives me ideas to make more water particle effects.


Indeed, it does!

"region_collision_shape" : {
     "region": [
           "min" : { "x" : -1, "y" : 0, "z" : -1 },
           "max" : { "x" :  0, "y" : 2, "z" :  0 }
           "min" : { "x" : -1, "y" : 0, "z" : 1 },
           "max" : { "x" :  0, "y" : 2, "z" : 2 }
           "min" : { "x" :  1, "y" : 0, "z" : -1 },
           "max" : { "x" :  2, "y" : 2, "z" :  0 }
           "min" : { "x" :  1, "y" : 0, "z" : 1 },
           "max" : { "x" :  2, "y" : 2, "z" : 2 }

I REALLY should get to work, but if I’m diligent today, I’ll take another crack at this and hopefully fix the bridge!


Updated! Enjoy the new features!


That is awesome!!!


I’m guessing you were able to craft it? :smile:
I made the requirements quite high to make it a nice little achievement!

Haven’t got totry it. I will soon and report back though! :smile:

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@phector2004 can you make the fish pike literally on a spear, (like the tail would be at one end and then the rest of the body would be the head of the spear? That’s what I have in mind when I say “fish-pike”

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I can, but I likely won’t for a while… :smile:
I’m quite busy at the moment.

Also, it would need to have spear animations, and that I can’t do. Does the iron pike have stabbing anims?

Lastly, as @Atralane puts it, the pike should be a slapping weapon! I do see some potential for an eaten pike to be a bone spear, where the shaft is actually the vertebral column and the stabby bit is either a fleshy head or a picked-clean fish skull

Feel free to have a stab at this. I made the pike in StoneVox, editing the short sword. You can import the fish_pike.qb and mess around as you please! Dropping it back into the entities/fish_pike folder will change the in-game model


Someone please remove this mod

What do you mean?

Currently the mods are installed manually, if you have it installed and want to remove it, just delete the corresponding smod file :confused: