[MOD Idea] Logistic Chests

I don’t know if it’s possible, but I have this idea since a long time : adding a system of Logistic Chests like in Factorio (another great game) for a better stocking and hauling management.

The problem is simple : currently, our beloved villagers put the haversted/crafted items in the nearest stockpile/chest. And they take the items they need in the nearest stockpile/chest. It’s okay, but what if the storing chests are far from the harvesting point ? Or far from the crafting point ? The villagers will loose a lot of time walking.

Example : I have a vegetable farm outside of my town, and a kitchen in my town hall. If a put a vegetable chest near the farm, the Farmers will put the harvest in it, but the Cook will need to travel between the farm and the kitchen. Same problem if i put the vegetable storage in the kitchen : the Farmer will travel far to store his harvest, and the kitchen is not large enough to store a lot of veggie chests. If I put a chest in each working place, the Farmer will store harvest in the nearest one, and the kitchen’s chest will not be used until the farm chest is full. Quel casse-tête !

Solution : Using Logistic Chests like the ones in Factorio. Here are the different types of chests :

  • Provider Chest : The villagers can put items in this chest, but can’t take from it for they own use. The haulers will pick up items from it and supply the Requester Chests.
  • Requester Chest : The villagers can only put items from the Provider Chests into the Requester Chests.
  • Storage Chest : The villagers can put items in this chest, but they will not be used to supply the Requesters.

In our example, there will be a Provider Chest near the farm, and a Requester Chest with a Raw Food filter in the kitchen. The Farmer will put his harvest into the Provider. The haulers will take veggies from the Provider and supply the Requester. The Cook will then take raw food from the Requester to cook. He will finally put the prepared food into a Storage Chest in the dinning hall. Or we could use a new Provider-Requester chain between the kitchen and the dinning hall if they are far from each other.

With this system, the crafters and harvesters will not loose time with hauling, and our village will be more realistic.

I would love to make this mod possible, but I believe it will need to modify the villagers AI, and I have to see if it’s possible and how to do so.

What do you think of this idea ? Do you know if it’s possible ? Don’t hesitate to comment below !

And sorry for my english, I’m just a frenchie.


Actually, We don’t need logistic chests, with a priority system in place(which iirc it’s being worked on), you can set chest priorities.(edit: wow I need to get used to discourse, the post i read that from was horribly outdated)

You already can have your farmer NOT haul, and he’ll just pick and drop, then have 1-2 workers with only hauling run back and forth between your chef’s chest and farm.


Chest priorities, you mean it’s already possible, or it’s a planned feature ?

What he means is, you can make your chef & farmer NOT haul things at all in hearthlings’ settings. Chef will only do cooking/farming and farmer will only do farming. And hauling will be done by free workers.
This way you can place chests close to your kitchen. Farmer will gather crops and drop them, and the workers will bring them to your cooking place.

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For some reason I never thought of this. Good idea.