Mod idea for chest colors

it would be great if we could paint the normal wood and concrete chests different colors. i would store my seeds in a green chest and wood in a brown chest and stone in a white chest, and so on

well ACE does have a transform component, without -tooo- much difficulty you could add a button to chests to tell your lings to toggle it to the next collor. could be a relatively easy “my first mod” for someone. (with a little bit of help from someone more experienced)

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Imagine the craziness of new entities, though
If we do that to, for example, 5 containers and you have 6 colors, you’d end up with 36 extra entities
The best option, as usual, unfortunately requires new code.

but here’s an idea that doesn’t require new code if anyone wants to try making a mod:

instead of using the transform to toggle between entities, you could have all the colors (models) as model variants of the original entity, and then the transform command would simply transform into the same entity, effectively changing its color (although randomly, with no fixed order, so you might need to click a few times before you get the desired color)
That way you keep the same amount of entities with a similar result, more or less :merry:

Actually, if you don’t define a job needed nor animations or anything for the “transformer”, it understands that no transformer is needed and just automatically transforms as soon as you click the button, so you wouldn’t have to wait for a 'ling to interact with it every time; just click until you get your color!

Oh, and I’ve realized that my suggestion would however make it so these containers would be placed with random colors (and not the default one) - so to prevent that you could have one extra entity holding all the colors and the base color–

Scrap all that as well, next ACE version supports multiple transform options (drop down menu) and the transform command can “carry” the desired model variant, so you can literally have a single entity AND be able to choose the color from a menu.

Yeah, I love what we did with that component :jubilant:


I think the take from this is “wait for next ace before you begin with this, original poster”