[MOD] Hearthlings of Many Faces


how do you reopen the editor



Select the hearthling you want to edit, hit CTRL+C to bring up the console, and type homf_custom then press enter. If you have the game paused while doing this it’ll give ya a message in the console, but once ya hit play it should make the customization window pop up.


ok thanks
also when i edit them i do not see a differnts


The portrait in the lower left corner will only get updated when you reselect the hearthling.
But the hearthling will change looks as you click on the “okay” button.


I have a question about the skin color… how you can handle them?

For example: you try to make a clothing Item for the game. But not the entire body is covered up with the clothes, so you can see the skin in some parts. You can’t integrate the skin voxels to the model because every Hearthling have a different skin color. Right? How you solve that problem?

Maybe not the right Post but i’m just a little bit curious :frowning:


You simple create your cloth with out the hearthling body


Ahh i solved it. Have just to set the trasparency to true so the skin is also visible xD


i apologize for MY late reply lol, i was out of town for a few daysstonehearth.log (3.1 MB)


So, after downloading and testing all of the mods you have, I still can’t get the error to pop up. :confused: But the log file you uploaded also says that you did get an error with homf after a citizen joined.

I also saw that you loaded a saved game, could you have downloaded and started to use any of those mods after you created that game? If so, which one? Could you also upload your saved game for me to test it out?

Thanks again!


Can you change the traits of villagers and stats of villagers with this? Can you change the names and species of pets?


You can only change the looks and name of your hearthlings with this mod, so no, you can’t change stats nor traits, unfortunately (so far :wink: ). And it doesn’t work on pets either, but you should be able to change the pets’ names anyway; by clicking on their name and then typing in a new one (maybe it has to be done from their character sheet, if pets have one. Can’t recall the details…)


i’ll start a new game to test although i am certain my games were all started after i modded up.


Seems to work fine now, i guess i had added a mod in the middle somewhere. I restart so often when i think of something or want to try something else i just took it as fact that it was a new game. Huh. Well thank you very much for taking the time to help me i really appreciate it. Will you be adding those trait things to homf? Would be nice not to spam random till i get a character with one of those i find fits me lol, got lucky in this game tho, magnificent beard is one i’ve never seen before.


Glad to know that it works, though it would have been nice to also know what caused the error to begin with. Oh well, let’s just hope that it won’t appear again. :slight_smile:
Yeah, I do plan on implementing something like that in the end, when it will happen (or how it will appear as) I can’t really say, since other stuff takes priority over that, unfortunately. However, I will still make time on making sure this (and my other mods) still work as they should and without any possible bugs. After all, making it work to begin with is the better option than to add more features. :wink:


Sorry, its just that i regularly clean out old saves because i restart so much, only had this latest game save luckily it helped with an issue with crab pots/crabs in the archipelago mod


@Drotten there’s a user here saying he gets broken eye colors using your mod: Dead fish eyes :: Stonehearth General Discussions

Did you update it recently or do you plan to update it?


I haven’t updated it for the eyes, no. But the eyes do get broken when using my mod, so I will have to fix it soon! Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile:


any luck finding out how to fix the eyes?


Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been looking into a fix for it, though so far I have had no luck in finding a solution, unfortunately. I did find that the bug might happen when switching between the male and female model, and that the work around is to keep on switching between the genders until the eyes aren’t broken.

A theory of mine is that the bug originates from the game engine itself. Which is bad since then I am really limited in what I can do to fix this, though I’ll keep on digging around to see if I can do something still.

Also, the eyebrows are broken. Though that only happens when a hearthling spawns as a female first and is switched to their male version. If they start off as male then this bug doesn’t appear even if they’re switched between male and female. I’ve got an idea and a possible fix for this, but it’s a fix that I don’t really like and am trying to find other solutions.

I would also like to fix both issues before uploading a new version, but if it turns out to take too long (which it already has) I’ll upload a fix for the eyebrows first and then another for the eyes. But as mentioned before, if the bug is from the game engine, then there’s not much I can do…


how goes progress on a fix?