[MOD] Hearthlings of Many Faces


Some thing like this would make voxel debugging so much easier.


Would absolutely love it if your mod could do the following:

Customize appearance of new Hearthlings added after Daily Tally. (Done)
Customize Traits introduced in A21.
Customize or reroll Stats, Spirit Mind Body.


Please, who has a previous version of the mod, upload to the forum. After the update does not work at all. Only he writes about the error. ((Maybe someone saved the previous version?


Apologies for the late reply

Good suggestions all around, I’ll keep them around for later features. Though when they are added, just keep in mind that I don’t plan on making a mod that allows the player to create a group of super hearthlings (i.e. all stats maxed with all the good traits available etc.). It will be so that the game’s balance is kept.

@Well: Sorry to say, but you’ll have to wait until the mod is updated; any current version of it won’t work for A21. The latest version of HoMF works for A20, but I assume that you’re only interested in A21 at this point. Please be patient. :slight_smile:


###Mod Update!

Now Homf works for Alpha 21!

Took a bit longer time than expected, mostly due to me not having much time to spend on this. And me battling with localization, it just wouldn’t work with my mod, so I ended up doing a super hacky thing to make it work.

Anyways, this is mostly just an update to have the mod work with alpha 21; so no new features, yet. But I still got the features which Iskoaya mentioned above, though when they will see the light of day is unknown at this point, not enough hours of the day to spend on this I’m afraid.

Look in the first post for the updated download links.


Thank you very much. Works perfectly. Still looks like this ))

But this is a trifle. It remains to understand where are these keys and where to insert their translation… Cope. Thank you.

excuse my google-english)


That is because in your manifest you named you mod
"name": “Hearthlings of Many Faces”,
While it should be
"name": “homf”,

So the localization would be:

That name in the manifest should be the “alias” name of your mod, not the fancy name. (the same name as the root folder)


Oh! Must’ve been one of the changes that happened while I didn’t pay attention. Thanks for pointing it out. :slight_smile:

@Well, that’s just odd, I have no idea as to why that happens. I understand now why this mod didn’t register its localization, but it shouldn’t have had affect on the main Stonehearth mod (at least, I hope so).

Don’t worry about it. :slight_smile:


Hey @Drotten! Wonder if that’s a known problem?
The language in settings is English. Seems to only pop up on some Hearthlings.


Hey @MelOzone, thanks for bringing it to my attention, and to remind me of what @Well mentioned above.

You were also using the locksofmanyhair mod as well? At least that’s what I had to use in order to see the bug myself, which I also fixed. Speaking of which…

Mod update!

Just a small update to fix the bug mentioned by @MelOzone and @Well.
Also fixed the localization so it functions as per @BrunoSupremo instructions above.

As usual, the links in the OP have been updated for the new version.



Thanks for the quick fix!


after the new update, it seems there is an issue with the haircolor selection?


Could also be an issue with my mod… Must check it when im Home


Thanks for letting me know! I’m away for the weekend though, so I can’t look into it until after I get back home.


After a quick look at stonehearth.smod, it looks like they’re completely overhauling the Customization Service. For sure it completely breaks the current locksofmanyhair mod, and it breaks how homf accesses the color maps.


ok both mods have issues now … and im honest i cant figure out why it doesnt find my hair in the normal search anymore -.- with homf it find and use them xD



Hey all! Just pushed up a hotfix so that the mod works as intended again, hopefully no more surprises will arise before the next alpha is released, but we’ll see what happens.

As usual, look in the OP for the updated links.


Thank you :merry: I had to stop my game before everyone ran around with pink hair haha…


Hey after i have started a settlement and a new hearthling is recruited the HOMF mod doesn’t work anymore. I get an error if i try to change the sex or hit random. Also none of the options to change appearance work and all but the option for hair is missing for females. Works absolutely fine in the roster screen before you start playing tho


Hi @Grynn! Sorry for the late reply (been quite busy now that school started again). Thanks for letting me know of this problem. But, I can’t seem get the same error that you just described, there might be some kind of conflict with other mods though, so what mods have you installed so far?
Also, you could upload your stonehearth.log file here (found where you installed the game); there might be some clue in there.