Mod-Diary: "The Chronicle"

i am loving the progression you’ve built in, and the models look quite nice as well… is that an homage to Battlestar Galactica with the notched paper? :smiley:

where do you envision getting the charcoal from… reuse of an existing asset, or the introduction of an entirely new model, etc.?

Actually it isn’t meant to be an homage, otherwise I would have to cut off all 4 corners :wink:. Just trying to make them look a bit more interesting. While I am happy with the argil and the books, I am not there yet with the paper… will give it another try in a few days.

I hope that Stonehearth will already include charcoal, e.g. to heat up the fire place of the smith. So in best case I can re-use it. My Plan B would be that it is dropping as a random resource if you are gathering ore or stone. I don’t think there is a need for specific charcoal nodes.

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The books are looking great! Keep it up

Will definitely download. Keep it up!

Day 4 - Workshops: Level 1, 2 and 3

Actually I am reworking my ideas a bit at the moment (something tells me that this will happen more than once till the Beta :wink:).

One example is based on the last live-stream, where it was confirmed that we will have colors (via the herbalist profession). So I plan to replace the second “ink” with colors, to produce colorful pictures.

Apart from some other changes (I will update the other chapters accordingly soon)… I am focusing on the workshops. As my undertanding has changed in the meanwhile, I want to reflect this in the workshops. So, here we go with the actual WIP…

Level 1… I am not sure yet if I want to establish a new class already for level 1. The option I have in my mind is to extend the usage of e.g. the carpenter and allow him to carve entries into argil. The workshop is rather basic… just a chair, some argil and a wooden stick to carve.

Level 2… here it starts to be a bit more tricky and complex. So level 2 will provide a table to write entries on paper. In addition paper needs to be created. So there is a basic “paper barrel” where the ingredients will be resolved and where paper can be filtered out. Also the paper has to dry.

Level 3… on the final level some updates are available. The “paper barrel” turns into a “paper mill” and the drying-shelf is larger (both might provide a bonus). The profession will use a printing press, to write entries into a book, into “The Chronicle”.

All is still WIP… but slowly I have the feeling I know where I want to go with this mod.

P.S. Further up I have been using another numbering-logic for the levels. Once I go back and update the other entries, I will fix this and only talk about levels 1 to 3.


:dizzy_face: sorry that the eyes aren’t right, there is no emote for awe on the forums. :smile:

Wow this is really great stuff! I am very impressed by your “Principles Of The Mod.” They really summarize what I have loosely defined in my head as a 5 star mod, I think I will adopt them for any of my projects.

How are you at LUA? I’ve just started looking at it. Do you plan on coding it yourself or do you have others on the project?

An aside (not suggesting any changes to the mod, just inspired with ideas by it):
This core mod sounds like it would lend itself greatly to twists, such as merging the profession with a church building / profession. Our best early records were all recorded either as part of religious ceremonies or as part of the function of the church - birth and death records, marriages, events, etc. Librarians, scribes, and archivists all fit in this I’d think. In a fledgling village one of the few places that would have the time and knowledge to lend to a non-survival essential task might be a temple or church.

You could have a pre-argil profession as just a story teller - the oral stories predate written ones. This could allow the player easy access to start the profession without dedicating too many resources (getting little reward). A Beowulf sort of thing. Just don’t let that guy die too early :smile:

i am really loving the workshop advancement… :+1:

is that a knockoff cube world potion bottle i spy in there? :wink:

@Roughshod I am planning to work on this by myself, including coding. Part of the fun is to learn how to do it, no? I am aware that this might become rather complex… but let’s see if I will need to ask for some help at a point in time. One of the challenges is to stay focused. There where already some great suggestions on extending such a mod. However, I don’t want to get lost in too many features and at the end there might be a version 2 and other modders might be able to add on top also.

@SteveAdamo Ehm… cube what? :wink: You have a good eye Steve. It is a copy of the potion bottle.

workshops looking very good

A quicky… am playing around a bit with different designs for Level 1 and Level 2 professions (as probably Level 0 will be an existing profession or the standard worker). Not happy yet, but a starting point…


please tell me one of those tiers is sporting a Fez… :smile:

i really like the red outfits though… they definitely “pop”…

Giving them a monocle might make them fancier

Why doesn’t your skeleton have a monocle then?

He’s not ment to be Fancy

Oh, but EVERYTHING is fancy when you want it to be.

Another quicky… I have created the first smaller versions (10 x 10 x 10 voxels) of some of the tools which should be used in this mod. For a first shot I am fine with the outcome :wink:.


These are some great models. :clap:

Looking good! Can’t wait to see the animations for the them :smile:

as well you should be… these look great! :+1: