(Mobile) Trivia Time!

Hey guys this is yosmo78 and I was going out and about when I stumbled upon this trivia game called trivia crack kingdoms where players created a channel/ game category and they create questions that other people answer and vs each other related to a topic. And seeing that there was no stonehearth category (there are a lot of other games and topics on there i.e. history, presidents, overwatch, undertale, etc) I decided to create one, so if your bored out of your mind and have a mobile device like a iPhone or android or some other thing that the app works on join the channel and submit some questions. I will review the questions and publish them. (I believe that as a community we can get this topic to the front page of the channel screen). So here is a link to there official website http://www.triviacrackkingdoms.com/en/home/ and if you are on your phone on the go, I know outside ewww, and not playing stonehearth (impossible how could you!) go to your preferred app store and help a brother out! just search stonehearth in the channels