Missing Walls and Floor

I designed a house and told my hearthlings to build it. After desiging other houses I wanted to check on their work. All the scaffolding was removed and the walls and parts of the floor was missing. I clicked on the building to see the progress on it to check if they were still working but it said the building was complete.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. All I did was design a house and told the hearthlings to build it. Im not really sure how to recreate it

Expected Results:
Finished house with walls and floor
Actual Results:
House with roof, foundation, slabs that I placed, and furniture but no walls and missing the floor.
I have no idea how this happened and I bug report or engine failure thing did not pop up.

After building another house there were walls and a floor but I just don’t know what happened to the other house.
Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 17 no mods

I get the same thing. Alpha 18 no mods. I have yet to successfully build a medium structure (understand when I saw medium I say 4-5 floors.

It like large buildings, what do you want? :wink:

My latest one was 4 floors with capacity for about 40 beds on the top floors.

I was checking in on the progress and I noticed there was an entire floor missing and the slabs at the top of the stairs were missing rows so when they took the scaffolding down, there was no 3rd floor (the actual floor) and the slabs connecting the stairs were missing rows on both sides (2 staircases) and that cut off the 4th floors from access.

Buildings a total loss and the time investment makes that game a loss and you restart…

Great game, alpha is alpha know what I mean?

Starting a new game now… I’ll start small maybe 3 floors…see what happens.