Missing Features i would like to see

Hello Everyone,

so far Stonehearth is developing more and more.
Im impressed how stable it already is compared to the first alphas :smile:

I would like to note some things i am mentioning i am missing in the game, which would be essential for creating real “town”.

  1. Link/Unlink beds with citizens: it should be possible to say which bed is for which Citizen. this way all farmers could live together in one house far outside of the town where all their plants are growing. or a special house could be created for miners when they are going to dig into the ground.

  2. collect task for citizens: currently you can only give them tasks like “Dig, Chopp Tree/Plant, Build Letter” but one essetial Task is missing. Its the collect task. when i am searching around the map for berrys, the citizens are removing them from the bushes, but if there is to much todo, they are forgetting about it. even when there is nothing todo after a long time, the berryboxes doesnt gets touched. here i would like to be able to say “grab these boxes” like i am able to say “chopp this tree”

  3. information about house buildings whats missing and why the citizens doesnt finish it. it happens quiet often das the citizens are stopping to build one house without a reason or it just looks like and there is something missing.


I support these 3 ideas ! Would be pretty handy.

This would be very handy


As for the beds, Tom mentioned in a stream that they will make it so wall-mounted signs will let you assign villagers to houses.

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nice to see that im not alone with my idea :smile:

thanks for all your replys.

Kind regards

agreed! having the option to “collect” items (drag/select an area and tell any available workers to pickup any goods within) would be very helpful indeed! :+1:

wow, I think I missed that comment… im assuming the idea would be that anything within a “house” that is associated with the sign would belong to the unit? will be interesting to see how this one is tackled… love the idea though!! :smile:


as @FerretBandit said idea 1 is already in the devs mind. Idea 3 is also sorta on their mind,I know tom said they wanted to do such a thing for the crafters, but Im not sure f they said the same with buildings but im sure they will as wel once that is in place

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I’ve seen other discussions about linked beds but never commented. I have very mixed feelings about it. Sometimes I send my minions on very long walks to discover new territory by having then place a bed and chair way off in the distance. How would it work if they are traveling and can’t make it back to to their assigned bed?

I am in full agreement about a “collect this now” command or at least a way to prioritize an individual minions workload!

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That’s a Valid point, maybe a prefered bed would be an option. To assign a bed to be prefered, but if the citizen can’t get to it in time, he/she would use the nearest


so playing this game and playing quite a few other games “kinda” like it; i noticed that there is no real rhyme or reason to where people sleep. where as other games you can assign beds or the game automatically assigns people to houses. considering the sandboxing of this game and how much potential it has to be able to do great things i think it would be a REALLY GREAT idea to incorporate Housing/Bedding Assignments…

think about it…

the sims 3 you can assign people beds so that you dont have your adults sleeping in little timmy’s single size kid bed.

banished assigns people to houses as the population grows and makes families.

in games like skyrim the blacksmith and other merchants LIVE in their shop.

for an example: earlier i started a game and wanted to try and make my carpenter his own little house/workshop. i did this by simply making a little shack for him and putting a fence around the front with his work bench inside the gate. it would of worked out great if only i could assign him to that house or that bed… or both! instead i had Mr.T coming in and sleeping on his bed like he owned the place every other night… and Raven was there so often that i felt like she should of been paying him rent or doing him personal favors…

just an idea… im sure i can come up with more =D

btw you guys are doing a great job… a lot of amusing happenings in this game

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This is being worked on. they did have bed assigned, but it didnt work out too well yet, so they took it out for now

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ok cool, i was just throwing it out there… i just started playing yesterday… gradually going through all of the threads for the month and seeing whats been said…

Wondering why they took out the bed assignments, I thought they worked, no matter where you put they hearthling’s bed, they’d try to find it to sleep, if it wasn’t close enough they slept on the ground.

I think they want it where you can assign the bed your self, the original way was a hearthling took that bed and it was his/hers alone form that point w/o your involvement. plus the A.I. bug kept breaking this some

Now, when the devs have introduced downtime for troops linking beds and hearthlings could mean the survival or death of some villages.