Beds should not be tied to a certain settler

@Atralane and I discussed this briefly in this thread: Building lots and lots of scenarios - Scenario Ideas

Basically, we were talking on a thread about senarios that would require unowned beds. This evolved into discussing the possibilities of temporary residency, such as the ability to specify a particular building as an inn.

More to the point, when I start a game, I try to make as many crude beds as I need and then stuff them in a tavern sort of building. But then when I finally build houses and comfy beds for everyone, they stay in the crude beds. Therefore I don’t think there should be any bed assignments, except for maybe the obvious like soldiers sleeping in barracks or travelers staying at an inn. It makes more sense for the settlers to naturally prefer the more comfortable beds, and it would free up more gameplay and senario options.


I second this :smile:

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I’d like to have a theamed building where the carpenter can sleep up stairs and the workshop is below so i feel bed assignment is crucial. Off the top of my head i see 2 workaround:

Manual bed assignment: you assign the bed where the villager sleeps. If the ed is removed then the assignment resets leaving them to sleep on the floor.

Manual building assignment: assign your villagers the “building” which they should reside, sleepy settlers will always go to that building regardless of avaliable beds. So you can have a house where x amount of people will take any open bed or sleep on the ground.

Last thing i want to see is goblins invading and i have a tower full of sleeping workers.

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While I do belive manual bed asignment could work, it could also be seen as a choire.

I dont really have any idea how big towns/cities are going to get, but I imagine somewhere around 100ish +, if you’re going to manually assign a bed to each and every one of those settlers you’re gonna get annoyed eventually.
Even so, if 1 of your settlers dies for whatever reason and someone comes to replace him you’re gonna have to find that one specific bed (wich might not be a problem early, but sifting through 100 or so beds doesn’t sound fun.)

That being said there could be a solution to work around this, like your second suggestion.
Something like a mix of the first and second option: you can set buildings to accept settlers and they’ll take whatever bed is available in your town, but at the same time you could also assign a specific settler to a specific house. (i.e your carpenter to your carpenter’s house)

I’d really like to see if there are any other suggestions to this :slight_smile:

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Agreed on being a PITA once your population going 20+ would need to have a management window… Not ideal.

As my second suggestion, since we already have some sort of building identification we can just send setteler to occupy said house. Perhapse some sort of happiness modifier to take into account of stuffing too many people in one place (don’t cheap out on housing). If there will be occupation bonus i was thinking of something along the line of having same professionals in the same building as the station will grant some benifits

Eg: building+profession+matching station = increase exp rate (as per experience mechanic update)

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I imagine that, eventually, the game will let you specify that a building and its contents will belong to a particular hearthling (or hearthling family, if that ever becomes a thing). Meanwhile, another option will be to make a “dormitory” room, where homeless hearthlings can sleep.

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Assuming we can reassign beds to specific heartlings a dormitory might not be a bad idea, would still requite quite alot of micro management in the end tho. Unless they are limited to 1 bed each and whatever bed you give them supercedes <-spellcheck the one they claimed by themselves.

Edit: yes I’m looking at you dwarf fortress, why would you give my mayor 3 bedrooms!?

I would be perfectly happy with manual assignments for property (OCD can be “fun” that way), but I also understand that can be a chore for others …

in the interim, if we are allowed to destroy/disassemble goods, or return them entirely to a stockpile, it would at least free up those units (in this case) to find those new hotel beds… :wink:


I second @SteveAdamo 's ideas. Property assignment would be legit and the ability to destroy items would be fantastic.

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It would be nice if you selected the bed, you would see “Crude Bed owned by Irving Keloch” and you could unset him from the bed, and assign him to a new bed.

But that should only be optional. You don’t have to reassign the beds, but it would be a good option for those who like to do some micromanaging to make your town just so. like @SteveAdamo said, “OCD can be “fun” that way”.


Maybe do it like Dwarf Fortress, If not assigned a bed, they will claim a unclaimed one… of course, you can then remove their claim, and assign another if you want. Best of both worlds, one, you can theme place, and others get auto-placed if you do not bother whit where they live yourself.


Yeah, let the settlers claim beds on their own, but give us the option of removing their claim. I personally like the fact that they claim beds now because I can then place their claimed beds in the houses I want them to live in, so they’re closest to their places of work. I make sure my Weaver and Carpenter are near their shops, for example, and I like to put my Trapper in the house nearest his or her trap zones.

Then, of course, let us repack items so they’re returned to stockpiles and made available for trades. This would automatically remove claims, of course, and give us the ability to upgrade our settlements with nicer stuff as we become able to make it.


seconding both points, as they provide for optional, alternative actions… the game will handle it for you if you choose, or you can step in and customize it to your liking… :+1:


I agree… just grab the nearest unused bed. They don’t have to claim it every night… just at night grab what’s available.

@Houten Haha good point. I like having building assignments, like maybe when you go into “building design” mode you can set the type of building like citadel, bakery, tavern, etc. (Also thank you, @Kaz, for that idea :wink: )

@SteveAdamo I have been looking forward to the ability to destroy things for the longest time. It would make life soooo much easier. There should be some kind of trade-off though. For instance, If you use 3 oak logs to make an object and then you destroy that object, you should only get 2 oak logs back. I think this would help encourage better planning over hap-hazardous building and would add another small challenge level to the game.

@mrxak I’m liking the idea of being able to return outdated items to the stockpile for trading and storage :smile:

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