Minor pauses in gameplay for ~1 second every ~3-4 seconds (Kaspersky)

As per the title, I am experiencing minor pauses in gameplay for ~1 second every ~3-4 seconds. This has been happening for a while, I thought it might go away with patches but so far it hasn’t and I am desperate to play. It happens from the moment the map is loaded. IT doesnt make the game unplayable but is extremely fustrating. During a pause Villagers, etc, will freeze completely but i still ahve full use of the mouse, interface, etc.

My system is as follows:
Asus ROG Z170 Maximus VIII Hero
EVGA GTX Titan X Superclocked
Kingston HyperX Predator 12GB DDR4 3000mhz
Samsung 850 Pro 1tb SSD
Windows 10 x64

As you can see, It is unlikely to be insufficient rig power. Here is a Stonehearth log about 20-30 minutes into a game: stonehearth.log (975.4 KB) The only thing that looks odd to my virtually non-existant coding knowledge is the whole thing is flooded with “started/stopped buffering client updates”. CPU usage is about 20% and RAM usage 17%. I play at 4k with all graphics settings maxed, but these settings seem to have no impact on the issue. Anyone got any ideas as to what the problem could be?

Have a look at this thread: Painful lag without obvious reason

You have the client/server issue that @not_owen_wilson mentions. Do you have anti-virus dialed up too high? Firewall blocking certain things?

Try setting Stonehearth as “trusted” in your firewall to allow anything and everything. Easy way to test is to disable your wireless and/or LAN as well as your firewall and antivirus. I suggest disabling internet access in addition to firewall/antivirus as I wouldn’t want to be connected while having a firewall down.


I have now added Stonehearth as an exception in Kaspersky and the problem vanished immediately. Didn’t even need to restart the game. Cant believe I didn’t think to try that. Thank you very much.


Out of interest, what is Kaspersky?

One of the most highly rated Anti Virus programs in the world.

Huh. Never heard of it, I use Norton myself. Glad you figured out how to fix it!

Wait for the New ratings :wink: i only say Safe Browser and lots of issues xD

I use Kaspersky. You’ll need to do this every time the game updates as the binary changes. In Kaspersky’s new UI for this year, I haven’t figured out how to make a permanent exception yet. I’m sure it’s somewhere.

Not too big an issue though, quickest way I’ve found so far is to go into the Firewall settings and set both Stonehearth executibles to trusted which lasts till the next update.


Thanks for the assistance, @Velerin :smiley:
I’m glad it worked, @Nazgren :smile: