Mines and Mining system

Tom mentioned on the last livestream that mining will start out as resource nodes and then be changed to mine shafts in later versions. My suggestion is for a way to implement the mining when they start underground version.

Mines should be buildings that are the head of a vertical shaft that goes down with a lift that brings the resources to the surface. Once the shaft has been dug down to a level where resources are at and then the workers will start digging horizontal shafts to uncover the resources. The shafts will all require lumber for shoring. There could be a mining interface activated with the main building where you could control how deep the main shaft goes, and how far from the main shaft the horizontal shafts go. Perhaps drawing a perimeter or selecting a radius from the main shaft.

That’s a good idea, I’m hoping that we can make a quarry and go strip mining for our stone, as if we will be able to make hills where does all the dirt come from, as im the really long shafts will we need a small amount of metal and some more wood and have a minecart system to make getting your ores faster

i like the breakdown you’re suggesting… and im encouraged by the comments from the Pizza Party livestream, in that they dont want to allow folks to spam mining shafts in every conceivable direction… there has to be some thought and planning involved (shoring up the walls so as to prevent cave-ins, etc)…

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While it would take some modeling to make, I’d love to see a headframe building built with appropriate shafts and other infrastructure that becomes a sort of “sunk cost” in order to start a mine. That would also give you the ability to move to different levels (controlled by the headframe building itself) and organize a branch mine operation if that is something you want to get into.

There are certainly some very interesting things that could be added visually to the game and keep mining from being a total joke as well. Making the construction of a mine “expensive” (aka requiring a large investment of resources in order to start) is definitely a way to keep this kind of activity under control but still something worth doing.

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@KingKorihor, that’s exactly on the lines of what I’m thinking. The Head-frame is a good idea, I was thinking of the same thing but with a building. The head-frame is obviously more realistic and will still fit the theme of the game. Mine carts could also be used to bring resources from the horizontal shafts to the vertical shaft to be lifted out.

Maybe having a limit on the number of active mines at once could require you to sort of spiral out from a central shaft or two in order to grow the mine. That would require bigger investments in mines rather than cheaper, smaller mines.

@SteveAdamo I love the idea of traditional mining ops to gain resources and the use of supports and advanced planning of underground structures…but I’m also a huge fan of the dwarven style of mine, a large open cavern with carved support pillars. Is the plan to eventually implement systems to allow for both?

In the dwarven style there could be a limit on the distance between pillars in any direction (currently I do my spacing as 12 blocks of open space in all directions around a 4x4 pillar carved out of the rock and for every 12 blocks of depth in the cavern I carve a cross member 12 x 2 x 2 between the centers of the pillars) vs. a traditional shaft which would require wooden structures to be built with no pillars obstructing access to minerals

Edit: I just noticed this is a two year old thread and this is probably a long long long dead issue. but those are my sleep-deprived thoughts anyway lol

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