Massive Multiplayer battles and factions/guilds

So I was promoting some footmen when I realized what happens when I get tons of these guys and I can play with friends will the battles be as amazing as I want them to be… so just Imagine this: your men steadily preparing a shield wall while dozens of goblins charge through some kind of dark forest then to the left your friends army riding some war-mammoths over a huge hill ready for battle… wouldn’t that be awesome? so I know that stonehearth’s focus is on city building not destroying but I cant but help think of all the things that could happen in multiplayer or future updates for single player so I have made a small list of my ideas that would make stonehearth just that much cooler, welp here you go :smile:

-War mammoths so in the kickstarter picture it showed a huge mammoth in a stable and Team-R has hinted on mammoths so, would they be used to take goods from place to place or for battle? (also in this video Desktop Tuesday, Roads \u0026 Alpha 7 Update! by the storage and farming tools also shows a little sheep inside of a green box does that mean herding? also it shows a shepherds crook in the crafting tab :smile: )

I know this is a really small list but I will add more, welp time to go play some more stonehearth :smile_cat:

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