Lore: Northern Alliance, The Last of the Living Mountain and the Phoenix Empire

Stonehearth Northern Alliance:

To understand my take on the lore decisions of the Northern Alliance, some more ancient lore is needed.

Story time

The Phoenix Empire:

The volcano mentioned in the ancient texts from the Northern Alliance was nature taking a stand against the destruction of the forests and mountains by the prosperous Phoenix Empire.

The mountains (The Living Mountains, sentient, ancient stone Golems) came alive to try to prevent the Phoenix Empire from leaving only destruction, waging war against them. Both sides being utterly devastated resulting in the collapse of the Phoenix Empire and that there is only one last living mountain.

The last living mountain gives the Hearthlings a chance, a chance not to be overcome with greed, power and destruction, and to teach the rest of the world to never leave destruction in it’s wake. Now giving the people a chance to live along with nature, and not just use it as a tool for war and greed. However, nature had one last defense, one that was not possible to stop.

The ancient volcano in the northern lands was a last fail safe from nature. If nature was not able to stop the destruction from the Empire, then nature itself would destroy the whole Empire and anything else. Forcing the world to heal, and start anew.

Story time end


The Northern Alliance has to protect the Last of the Living Mountains, a ancient stone golem/elemental protecting them and the world from a cataclysmic eruption.

  • Northern Alliance can craft snow/ice/cold totems that helps the Golem keep it from erupting, meaning they will have to keep on defending and aiding it. This going on from generation to generation bound by oath, never really leaving the cold weather except for trading for more exotic goods.

  • Happiness while in the colder areas, knowing it is kept cold because they are defending the world from the ancient vulcano.

  • Is seeking a more permanent way to prevent the vulcano from erupting (Science, mapping the stars looking for answers).

  • Under the ancient glaciers there are still hidden enemies kept alive by the vulcano’s hot currents.

  • Lives a more secluded life, not wanting to tell about the dangers and mystical rituals used to protect the rest of the world.

  • You learn that most of the mountains and rocks spread across the world is actually the dead bodies of the ancient golems that was slain and fought against the Pheonix Empire. And that the ore veins were the lifeblood keeping them alive. Honoring their sacrefice, and using the metals and is a big task that has to be honored because of their sacrefice.

  • The first of the Magma-smiths, being able to wield the powers of the lifeblood, magma and the science of the stars to make the mightiest and strongest of items. - Was thought by the ancient Golem

Is scared of other nations might become to big and greedy, so that they become a new Phoenix Empire.

Northern Alliance traits:

Honorable, Oath-bound, Mystic, Ritualistic, Runes, Lifeblood (Ores)

Looks at the world as a living thing, the trees, stones, mountains, rivers, the sun, the moon, stars, the ground wind and snow.

End notes:

I hope this has been an interesting read. I watched through the Northern Alliance stream that was done a few days ago. And I had a few ideas myself that could be a interesting point in the game. More on that The Northern Alliance is more on the side of nature, defending it and being honorable crafters, respecting mother nature. Trying to teach the world that you don’t need to have everything in the world to be happy, that greed and power comes with a heavy price.

Speculating in Lore is a very interesting subject. And listening in on the stream there was so much focus on an ancient enemy and treasure under glaciers. So I wanted to make something different to it. More on the conservation side of things, preventing a cataclysmic event that in itself is not evil, it is just nature trying to defend itself. Bring balance to the world and it’s greed, power and corruption. - Also gives a slight nod towards climate change which is always a good thing to point out.

Thanks for reading!
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