Looking for a coder (teaming up)

Alright so i am the creator of Yang & Co’s Mod’s and i worked with a coder for some time but life got in the way for him so i am looking for a new coder who would like to code my creations in the game.

I myself know how to do it but only manually and i just dont have the time right now to do it but i still have quite some models ready to be implanted.

So i am looking for someone who likes to code and would like to help me code items into the game to improve and update Yang & Co’s mods!

Experience is required. Knowledge on how to implant items and make them fully functional as well as how to modify the properies of items is a must.

Yang & co’s mods do not use advanced coding so any knowledge on AI or pathing and stuff is not required.

If you have any questions just let me know ^^ I wont bite :stuck_out_tongue:

If your items are simple, and similar to existing items, maybe you will find SHED useful for you. With it, you can clone an existing item and then you just replace the models and edit the texts. All the file manipulations like adding to manifest or recipe lists are done automatically.



Oh that would be great since i currently am not planning on adding new systems.

I have all core systems in there so it would only be adding more of the same right now. I will use this then ^^

I even already have traders in place so i could copy those as well.

If you’d like to try your hand at making my miner’s costume, I’d be happy to help you with whatever coding task you need.

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Alright so i got SHEd working but cloning does not seem to work. It does not create the repcipe nor add text to my en.json

I could add the recipe manually but then still the en.json needs to be done manually. And for the recipes i can not seem to find my mixin recipes. I can only find the recipes of the painter.

In addition to that if i go to the recipe editor i can only see the original stonehearth recipes.

Am i doing something wrong? I am getting no errors and it says my manifest is succesfully loaded.

If there are any tutorials could you link me to one since i was unable to find any online.

To show modded recipes in the recipe menu you should activate a button at the top that does that.
Mixed recipes into existing crafters are not shown, sadly. The software only reads the jobs “original” recipes, your painter has its own list so it appears there too.

For texts, you can go to the manifest tab (the first tab) and find your entity there, and in the json view you can ctrl+click the i18n text to open a little text box where you input what you want.

To clone an item, you right click on it, and chose clone. A window will appear where you change the item name (everywhere where it appear in code) and to what mod it will go to.


Thx the cloning function i had already found i could not figure out how to create the recipe for the items that use mixintos as carpenter and tailor.

The clicking on the text really helps! I did not know i could do that. That fixes a lot already.

Now i can alreayd start creating new painter items but still have to find out how to add the carpenter recipes.

Thx for all the help!

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