Load times a problem

i dont know hat is going on nit it takes my 24 gb ram cpu 3 mins to load a game
heres an ss of my specs

and task manager when just sitting on the main menu of stonehearth

and after loaded into game notice he juge change in cpu usage

@Relyss i summon thee here aswell

The game is not completely optimized so it’s normal that huge savefiles take more time to load than smaller savefiles, regardless of your PC specs.

How many in-game days have passed in your savefile? How many hearthlings and how much net worth do you have?

There were also some issues when loading repeatedly within the game (without exiting the game), but I’m not sure if they’ve been solved already or not.

current game is almost 40k value 30 hearthings and day 30 of newmum 1000

If the game wasn’t saved on Alpha 19, try saving that game and see if the load of the new file is better. To maintain compatibility, Stonehearth has migration logic that runs when loading old games. Saving the game in the current alpha also saves the migrated data so it doesn’t have to do the conversion again.


its an A19 save but all of my a 18 saves load fine in either alpha

Ok, if you post the save here, we can use it for performance testing.

1476796936800.7z (8.9 MB) @Albert

can i be so curious to ask what kind of hard drive its running of? think it takes me like 1½ mins to load and im on lesser hardware.

solidstate so it should be loading in like 3 - 5 seconds

No it should not, the game is an alpha after all :stuck_out_tongue: my save game is like 5 times as big as yours and it will take me 4-5 mins to load i would say…does seems as a long loading time for your hardware but it should not be 3-5 secs