List of Random Suggestions - Keyboard Shortcuts

Hey there All - just got this game recently and loving it - but had a few thoughts on Keyboard Shortcuts and figured I should put them out there for people to see.

Sorry if these are duplicates, and sorry they aren’t separated out into individual posts - there are a lot : /. Also sorry for the wall of text.

Keyboard Shortcuts:
• Control scheme (keyboard shortcuts) are unwieldy. Suggest going with something like Warcraft 3: 1-4 are troop selections, ctrl+1-4 are ‘set troop selections’, ‘A’ is attack, stuff like that.
• Would be very nice to have camera selections – both save and return to. Could double up with troop selections – shift+1-4 are ‘go to camera setting’, ctrl+shift+1-4 are ‘set camera setting’. - This is another Warcraft/RTS thing which is common.
• Speed of time is not as important as troop selection or camera selection – would be nice if it were on less important keys.
• “Harvest” and “Loot” are such similar functionalities, do they need to be separate?
• Would like “Queue” system so you can direct your workers/warriors/etc to do things in order and in what order. Most games use shift+’whatever command’, and it just stacks on to the previous thing.
• Would like a hot key that I can press after pressing “M” or “N” for mining to switch the selection mode to a vertical selection, then letting go would switch it back to horizontal. This would let you create a larger mining volume much easier.

Thanks for reading!

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