Limited Custom Walls

One thing that i would love for the game is if allowed us to drag these custom walls as long as we our self prefare to do.
It’s very annoying to be limited by the length that we can put out and it also ruins the placement of windows and doors and the auto walls can be longer than the custom walls which makes little sense to me

So unlimited length of custom walls would be great not sure why it has not happened yet.


I personally not very keen on the idea of having wall length being unlimited… It helps simulate the concept of the walls needing the columns for support.

However I am 167% for having custom walls be as long as the auto walls. I noticed how much shorter custom walls are when working with @Kythandra on a secret project. :wink:


Maybe not unlimited but the auto walls are pretty much unlimited length also atm or pretty much close to it in current worlds?

If they are just as long that would be great also aslong as they are long :smile:

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Well that and being able to designate wall height. I don’t mind the breaks in the walls, but makes sense to have as much the auto-walls. Would be nice. :smiley:

doublewall and 2x2 pillars would nice to, for castles and palisades.
or just automated military walls in general would be great, small and big versions, stone and wooden quality like palisades etc… Like the decorative palisades int he goblin camp.

I wouldn’t mind being able to place pillars separate from the wall. As in what comes with the wall tool, but just the pillar.

Then adjustable from that. :slight_smile: