Let's Compare Internet Speeds!

So, I was bored, and I decided to make this Topic. :wink:

So, let’s compare our Internet speeds. You can use a Internet speed testing site or application. I prefer Ookla’s Speedtest.net, which is pretty good in my humble opinion. :computer:

Anyway to start off, I’ll show off my embarrassing Internet speed, and it’s pretty bad. :poop:


Still, better than last week. :disappointed:

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This will turn into a “Which Google Fibre user posts first?” thread.


I pay $20 a month for 20mb/s, not bad for the price.

EDIT: Tried a few other speedtest sites. Speed from Seattle and Chicago are about the same.

Or anyone that lives in an Asian country and pays for internet.

My 27 open tabs probably slowed it down a bit…

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Just upgraded our plan recently.

Btw i live in the countryside and my internet is rather bad .


Anyone else want to share? I wanna see who here has Google Fiber or not.

ps for for dusting up this topoc , it popped up on some discourse email , didn’t realize it was dated this long back

I’m so surprised by your internet speeds, they look so '90

Below is over my wifi connection from my laptop ( upgraded my router to AC speeds because my internet what faster then N speeds :wink:

unfortunately 2 there are only 2 isp’s in my country so its costs an arm and leg ( but they also include digital teleivison , digicorder etc… and fixed phone ) , but download speed is not an issue.

for the record this is not fiber , ( but just ordinary cable )

Here’s mine!

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@jomaxro Google Fiber? Because Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn



I want @jomaxro nets dang

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College Campus. Rensselaer Polytechnic is missing the last word…Institute. RPI has (among other connections like Internet2) a 10 gigabit connection to cogent, along with a 10 gigabit external firewall. Additionally, the residence hall I am in has gigabit ethernet, so I get pretty close to gigabit speeds out to the net. If I am connecting within the campus (no firewall internally), I can get gigabit speeds at times.

ahh I see, I am on fiber optics myself x.x

RPI is mostly fiber based now. Except for some of the oldest dorms, both the connection into the main campus router, and from the router to each building is fiber, so very little bandwidth is lost there. Within a given building, it is still ethernet to the ports, with an assortment of different speeds depending on the building.

If you’re interested in RPI, we also have the #1 fastest Private University based supercomputers and were at one point the 38th fastest in the world. The supercomputer gets 4 terabytes per second networking!!!

dang, I wish I could get that at home! lol I am envious of a lot of the states net connections. lol I live in a small town so the connection isnt the best around.