Lag in a big town

I have quite a big town and it lags quite hardly when i move the camera, when the camera is still there’s no lag. In other games usually i have no lag. I have quite a few houses, farms, stockpiles, animals and about 25 hearthlings.
I have an Intel core 3.40 GHZ and 8 GB ram.
Not sure whether its the computer or game

EDIT: I have everything on lowest setting possible

I have a core twice as yours and still suffer the same problem. It is because that there are simply too many lights and movements and items. I found that the stockpiles cause a good 10% of lag 20x20. This, I use chests. For another 5%, lower graphics and the rest is moving the FoV away from the town.

Hope those 2 help - sry for writing style but I only have 1 more min and I gtg (running late as usual)

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