Ladders built through roof of existing structure when building second structure

Whilst building I noticed that some resources would be inside the roof, not on top of it like is has no collision.

Then I attempted this build:

My existing building

What I wanted

What I got

As you can see, the ladders are build through the roof. The building I tried to build on top the existing building was purely made out of slabs.

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What!? But!! You are cheating!!! That’s not the good way to build things!! Who build a stone tower over the weak structure of a roof??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, See I have this hearthling. His name is Mark. Mark likes stone things on top of wooden things. And since I am a nice god, who am I to deny such a request. So, I granted him his wish. :wink:

But do you know what this bug implies, no chimneys, no roof chapels, no…

Most of you won’t know this, but there was a time that creating a second floor was building a building on top of a building. Now, I can’t do that anymore :disappointed:

While they no longer build “ladders to the gods” they do still build ladder/scaffolding through existing buildings.