Ladders and Villagers stucked on mining

Ladder bug:
How to reproduce:
Mine a 4x4 area, place a ladder. Mine another 4x4 area below the area mined before. The ladder will remain floating and when attempting to place another ladder it will not be placed correctly.

Proposal to fix: When starting to mine, check the 4x4 area for ladder, if there are ladder inside that 4x4, remove them. After the mining is done, autoplace the ladder again.

Villager stucked when mining bug:
How to reproduce: Not sure how this one happened, I think that one of the 3 miners mined the block below where the villager was standing and then the block directly where he was standing:
BLOCK<-- This one after the one below
BLOCK<-- This one got mined first
Although I cannot confirmed really how this happened. (sorry)

(new members cannot upload images :confused: )

+1, I reported the orphaned miner issue yesterday - good job with the pictures though.

I think they’re better off revamping the whole area selection process - 4x4x4 is just too large, and you can accomplish the same with a 1x1x1 selector (you simply move the cursor a little further). Plus it’s annoying when you just want to trim 1 tile deep, the rest of the selection ends up blocking anything else from being done in the area.