Keyboard shortcuts working in building name editor

While I am typing names the keyboard shortcuts should be locked.
Typing something like straße (ß is the key right to 0) which is street in english the slice tool opens up.
This is not really a problem but annoying after the xyz renaming.

Hey there @groms, I moved this over to bug reports, as that should not be happening, and was supposed to have been fixed previously. Can you share exactly where you were typing that the keyboard shortcuts were still active?

Paging @yshan

Yes I can :smiley:
I wanted to name houses and streets/walkways
Street = Straße and the ß(? ) key, right to the 0 } = key, opens up the slice tool.

This is still an issue with the slice key (only, it seems. Cannot reproduce with x or v). Paging @yshan

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