[Alpha 10_5-10] Entering a template name will trigger hotkeys


  • entering a name into a form causes global hotkey triggers
    e.g type “house” key “s” will be triggered for camera movement


  1. build a custom house
  2. press save to save the template
  3. type a word like house

The same thing happens when entering numbers in workbenches.

  1. Click on the carpenter’s workbench.
  2. Click in the quantity section of the selected item.
  3. Type a number.

Yes, I remember devs have experienced this on streams. What I’m not sure is how to get around it. You might want to move the camera while you have some UI opened…

And typing numbers - menus being opened doesn’t sound good either… :confused:

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camera can still be moved by using the mouse input

problem could be solved in this way, i think:

  • check if input field is active / cursor flashing
  • then lock global hotkeys
  • unlock global hotkeys when focus changes / input is inactive or closed
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Hi all,
I’ve fixed one way (and hopefully the last way!) this could happen in Alpha 11. Thanks for all the feedback!