Just How Far Will It Go

So, as I was sitting on the toilet, I had a thought about Stonehearth. It’s supposed to be a city builder combined with an RTS. That being the case, I’m curious now to how far into the city builder side of things they plan to go.

Basically, are we going to see things other city builders, like Rome to SimCity, have such as;

  • houses needing water
  • sewage management
  • fire and police departments
  • illness and need for hospitals
  • internal economy (taxes)
  • ect

The list can go on, but those were the thoughts I had.


From what I’ve seen, everything but these two:

As our citizens seem to live in some communist utopia where everything is shared except not to goblins and nothing is stolen except by goblins.

Okay, maybe that, if we have any fire titans later.

[quote=“SirAstrix, post:1, topic:11966”]
So, as I was sitting on the toilet, I had a thought about Stonehearth.
[/quote]Don’t worry, that’s totally normal. Right?


I also had a thought about that on the toiltet. Our beloved hearthlings live in a communist town where everyone shares a same size of food. Everyone eats from the same stockpile, recieve the same benefits that the day will assign to each and everyone of them. It’s quite interesting, being it a “medieval/fantasy” game, one wouldn’t expect such a marxist model to be working in it, Haha.


houses, not as likely? but fields (crops), yes…

and we know our units can get infected via zombies, so its not too far a stretch to have a general illness infect our units as well…


It’d be nice to see a more complex system go around, cause right now its a little basic, but later on i know the food situation is suppose to get a little harder to manage. However something like you hearthling getting hurt while building a building and having to take a little break or something like that would be nice to see, instead of them just getting out of a fight and walking around and continuing there everyday thing.

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Then where will their greatest inventions come from if they can’t sit on the toilet and think like we do?!


I’m not sure I like the idea of hearthlings becoming self-aware and conscious… So maybe we should stick to the current model. :stuck_out_tongue:


As basically every RTS ever :slight_smile:

Relevant xkcd:


Not sure that box people with no thought other than the instructions of a machine can be called communist or a utopia…