Just a thumbs up to the devs

Logged in to my forever work in progress city, first time in a long time…massive performance boost! Im tempted to build stuff again! So great job devs and company :slight_smile: Not sure what else to add! so here’s my wishlist!

1.vertical buildspace = ability to pull walls upwards instead of having to place every layer to build upwards.
2. ability to cut terrain/buildings one block/layer at a time.
3.more slab colors (possible painter profession ?)

Also really want to water to work, particular want a water spawner…but thats just cuz i wanna eventually finish my city and it needs water :stuck_out_tongue:

Still good job keep it up :smiley:


um… wait when did they add slabs?

That’s just an old name for the single block placing in the building editor.

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ooooooooooooooooooh thanks xD