Item Description not showing up properly

Hi everyone!

I just started to create my first mod ever but I run into an issue.
I can’t make the description of the item I made show up when it’s on the floor.
I get that thing:

I Based my mod on the tutorial startermod_basic but I realized this issue is also in the tutorial itself.

If someone could help me that would be great!

This is a wrong in the en.json
i have had lot of annoying things with that file as well.
The en.json file is the file where all the descriptions are and if you get something like this usually there is a , or } to much or not enough which corrupts the file.
I am going to give you the things other here gave me to fix this.
First i dont know what ext editor you are using but sublime text editor is free and works really well. It shows you if something is worng and automaticly saves the file in the right format.
Second is this site just put your code in and it shows you if everthing is as it should.

if you have any more questions let me know and i hope this helps. if you still have problems with this then you could send the mod file so i can take a look at it :3


Thank you for your reply.
I use notepad++.
There seems to be nothing wrong in my en.json
Jsonlint validates it but I still got the issue.
I don’t really know if I forgot anything. Maybe the iconic file isn’t ok.
Or maybe I put the files in the wrong folder.

Here is my mod: (224.8 KB)

i found the wrong.

“round_shield”: {
round_shield”: {
“display_name”: “Round Shield”,
“description”: “The shield of a true warrior”,
“round_shield_iconic”: {
“display_name”: “Round wooden shield”,
“description”: “Shield wall!”
this is what your script says and you file refers to startermod_basic:entities.round_shield.round_shield_iconic.display_name
your file has a description for

the fat text in teh en.json must be round_shield_iconic instead of round_shield

everything else is perfectly fine.
i hope you can see the logic the game uses that everytime you get a new { } in the en.jonson is the same as a . in the startermod_basic:entities.round_shield.round_shield_iconic.display_name

Thank you very much that fixed the issue!
I have another question.
Where do I set the coordinates for the shield when it’s worn. Cause for now it kind of hangs in the air next to the character:

(ps: sorry If i do some mistakes in English. I’m french)

No problem with the language.

ehm the cordiantes of the shield look like this:

i know that the red (x) and blue (z) must be exact and the green (y) is on a geuss. i looked at how the other shields where of the real game and used them as reference.

if i would give a tip it is take the stonehearth.smod and copy it to another location and extract it. and use the files of the game it self as reference.

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Thanks a lot.
I managed to fix that using Voxel shop.