Isn't SHED getting more and more needed?

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It seems like Modding in our community is getting more and more active as time goes.
When i first came here, i remember it having just about… 3or so mod related topics on the board at most, now, it seems like more and more new and budding modders are emerging all the time, and many aren’t comfortable with scripting.

I feel like SHED(the StoneHearthModEDitor) is in more dire need than ever, not only is it often unintuitive to start or explain code, truth is, most coding problems in modding content seems repetitive in that it’s often the same script with small veriations, and errors and mistakes always happen during the process and even some that are so small, it’s hard to notice

Most modding starts seem to spread from trying to add simple furniture or equipment, not needing animations or anything, and i think we need some(even if it’s crude) API for those simple modding, which SHED seems to be capable of.
The reason for this is that it gives the new modders easy and fast results and reward, and motivates them to delve deeper if they find it proves fun for them,

I love making content for mods, and the true reward is watching them srpring up to life in the game, it’s like you litte digital child if you could call it, and it’s just so amazing to see it, but truth is, i was almost turnd off of modding in my first try, i had no idea on what to do, and if it wasn’t for @honestabelink 's help during that time, i’m sure i wouldn’t have even tried delving deeper into campaigns and animations,
It was that sense that it’s working or it’s broken, and you know it’s something you can fix, cause you trust the code/coder, and try to find out what’s wrong on your side, so in some ways Honest was almost like my modding API, i didn’t have to roll my head around trying to make code for the content, i could focus on what i enjoy making, and try to push my coding alongside it a little(bacuse he has a life too),
And every time it was broken, or it didnt work, but i could see something, it was preogressing, and it felt so good to know, that this pice of content you made has a chance to srpring up to life, no matter how hard it may be i could do it to see it happen, and that’s how i stuck around fully animating the harpy 10+ times in different ways to make it work, because i made something, and saw it work, and i just had to get her working as well

And SHED seems like a perfect starting point even for right now, it’s not capable of making full creatures or campaigns as far as i know, but i’ve seen it help make furniture and armor on streams, and you can already make a full mod that contains furniture, equipment or both just with those two features, and those can be huuge motivation for new and budding modders in my eyes,

Sure it’s not finished, but i feel like even in this stage, it’s a good starting point for the new modders out there that are seeking for some help or are just trying to see if it’s something that suits them

Thanks for reading if you made it this far
I’m sure the team has some good reasons they didn’t release SHED so far, this is just more of a motivator to maybe consider it again to perhaps make some small polishes and consider releasing, just to explain my thoughts on the need of it

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do you mean this? GitHub - stonehearth/stonehearth-editor: A Stonehearth editing tool for modders. ^^

you only need visual studio to compile it - after the first compile its creates exe files so you can start it without visual studio :smiley:


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Just a note, @Hyrule_Symbol : SHED is not complete and has bugs. For simple things it’s OK, and it really helps with the localization of your mods (you need to install Python 2 first, though).

It still needs more functionality and more polishing :slight_smile: